Battery Tester Buying Guide – Recommendations for 2022

2021 was an odd year, filled with staff shortages, disrupted supply chains, and vehicle prices reaching an all-time high. Some, or all of these issues may have impacted the fleet workshop you manage, so the last thing you need on top of this is increased vehicle breakdowns and non-starts due to avoidable battery defects.

Now is the perfect time to invest in new battery diagnostic equipment and to start the year as you mean to go on. Implement a battery management programme now and the workshop will be set up to save on battery replacement and breakdown costs throughout the financial year.

As experts in battery management, we’ve sold thousands of battery testers in the UK and Europe, to vehicle manufacturers, commercial vehicle (CV) workshops, public service vehicle (PSV) workshops, independent workshops, and even emergency service workshops.

There are over 39 million vehicles in the UK with a variety of battery maintenance requirements. Some vehicles have EFB, Flooded, GEL, Spiral, Lithium, and AGM 12v batteries, and some even have two 12v batteries in a 24v set!

To save you time, money, and stress, we’ve consolidated our top three battery diagnostic technologies suitable for fleet workshops in 2022.

1. The EXP1000FHD: A heavy-duty, reliable, and compact battery tester.

The EXP1000 Fleet Heavy Duty battery tester is a tried and tested unit, supporting both 12v and 24v fleet workshop applications – the clue is literally in the name!

Manufactured by leading industry manufacturer Midtronics, the EXP1000FHD tests batteries to an industry standard used by main dealers and vehicle manufacturers around the world. It’s no surprise it’s a best seller amongst emergency service, public service vehicle, and other fleet workshops.

The EXP1000FHD records vehicle registrations, fleet numbers, and chassis numbers, something that no other alternative options can do. It also identifies whether any excessive parasitic drains are present on a battery, using an integrated amp clamp which is unique in comparison with similar products on the market.

As the most compact unit on this list, your technicians can carry the handheld tester wherever needed in the workshop, to detect whether 24v battery sets are in balance, or need charges or replacements.

If that wasn’t enough, it gets better. The EXP1000FHD is the first compatible battery tester to support wireless test result uploads to our online interactive dashboard and ‘workshop supervisor’, ROBIS (subscription required). Over 4.6 million test results have now been uploaded to ROBIS, and the EXP1000FHD is largely responsible for this improvement in test result visibility.

2. The CPX900: An advanced, modern, and updatable battery tester.

The CPX900 is the latest platform available from Midtronics and incorporates the most advanced battery testing algorithms and software diagnostic capability, delivering faster test results with increased accuracy and unit reliability.

The CPX900 is preferred over other products on the market for its unique and patented conductance profiling technology, which services batteries with reserve capacity (RC) problems by applying a controlled load in the test process. It also enables the measurement of cranking amps, which is the ability for a battery to start the vehicle.

Unlike other products in the market, the CPX900 wirelessly uploads new software updates, so technicians always have access to the best software available. The unit is just as portable as the EXP1000FHD, providing test support wherever technicians need it.

3. The DCA8000: A unique, comprehensive, and fast diagnostic technology.

The DCA8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System is the most comprehensive diagnostic equipment on the market. It is the only diagnostic equipment that has the best of both technologies under one roof, combining both diagnostics and charging to service almost any 12v batteries.

In just two minutes or less a defect can be identified, regardless of whether technicians are testing a Flooded, EFB, AGM, or Gel battery.

The DCA8000 also charges a battery quickly through continuous battery monitoring, telling technicians exactly how long it will take to do so. Technicians won’t waste time swapping equipment when servicing a battery, and they’ll know exactly when a battery is ready for use.

The diagnostic equipment also has a lithium charge mode and 70-amp power supply features, and its size makes the unit easier to use, due to its RCD colour screen and intuitive touch screen interface. It uploads new software wirelessly, future proofing it against other test units in the industry that don’t have this feature.

Which tester is right for the workshop?

If your technicians need a handheld battery tester that’s proven its diagnostic reliability, the EXP1000FHD is the best choice. For workshops which need the best technology and updatable software available on the market, we recommend looking into the CPX900. Finally, when a 2 in 1 diagnostic and charging combo is more suitable, the DCA8000 is unmatched in the marketplace.

When investing in diagnostic equipment, remember to focus on what is important for the workshop and its technicians. Do your own research, ask the experts the right questions and weigh up all of your options.

For more information, get in touch with our team on 01215 140 605.


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