Case Studies


Client: Morrisons | Products: CTEK 12V Battery Analyzer, CTEK MXS 25 EC

"Here at Morrisons we pride ourselves on a strong commitment to the environment and so making sure that we weren’t unnecessarily replacing batteries, was a big driver for the development of a Battery Management Programme."

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ROBIS Case Study Generic Scenario – Passenger Service Fleet – Data Correct April 2019

Client: ROBIS Case Study Generic Scenario Example 2: Passenger Service Vehicles - Bus Data correct at April 2019

If your fleet is critical to meeting your customer needs, a Battery Management Programme and ROBIS are vital to maintaining your brand.

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ROBIS Case Study Generic Scenario – Emergency Vehicles & Fire engines

Client: ROBIS Case Study Generic Scenario Example 1: Emergency Vehicles, Fire Engines Data correct at April 2019

A fleet of critical service vehicles, the Blue Fleet, would contain ambulances, fire engines and police cars. We know from our extensive ROBIS research analysis of 710 fire engines (up to April 2019) what the average battery failure and non-start rate would be within a typical fleet.

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Client: Autoglass | Products: CTEK MXS 25 Battery support unit

“We were really impressed with the approach taken to training and implementation of these new pieces of equipment into our own processes. The training delivered to our staff was invaluable and ensured that
our technicians were confident in using the equipment from day one.”

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Client: Motonet | Products: CTEK MXS 25EC

“We are really pleased with this product. The introduction of the MXS 25EC unit into our Motomaatti service tent means that our technicians are able to confidently undertake EOBD checks without worrying about the battery. It’s really simple to use too so if we have a new member of staff join our team minimal training is required.”

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Wiltshire Fire

Client: Wiltshire Fire | Products: Battery Testers, Battery Chargers

We are proud to be suppliers to Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, who have been using our “Battery Management Programme” since 2010.

The Group have a multitude of Frontline and LGV vehicles within their fleet, and with many of them driving for as little as 3-4 miles in any one call out, the “drive cycle” pays a heavy toll on batteries serviceability and Performance.

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C.S. Ellis Challenge

Client: C.S. Ellis Group Ltd | Products: Battery Testers, Battery Chargers

C S Ellis (Group) Ltd is a logistic services company, operating from four locations in East Midlands.
They provide UK Pallet Distribution, a National Palletised Hazardous Delivery Service, European
and International Freight Distribution, Commercial Warehousing, Export Packaging and Workshop and Breakdown service. C.S Ellis has approximately 50 Vehicle technicians every 6 – 8 Weeks.

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Abellio Challenge

Client: Abellio Challenge | Products: Battery Testers, Battery Chargers

Abellio operates public transport contracts in Europe, predominately within the rail and bus sectors. The Abellio Beddington Cross depot in Croydon, part of Abellio London division, operates 93 buses along 8 routes.

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