Case Studies | Battery Chargers

Wiltshire Fire

Client: Wiltshire Fire | Products: Battery Testers, Battery Chargers

We are proud to be suppliers to Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, who have been using our “Battery Management Programme” since 2010.

The Group have a multitude of Frontline and LGV vehicles within their fleet, and with many of them driving for as little as 3-4 miles in any one call out, the “drive cycle” pays a heavy toll on batteries serviceability and Performance.

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C.S. Ellis Challenge

Client: C.S. Ellis Group Ltd | Products: Battery Testers, Battery Chargers

C S Ellis (Group) Ltd is a logistic services company, operating from four locations in East Midlands.
They provide UK Pallet Distribution, a National Palletised Hazardous Delivery Service, European
and International Freight Distribution, Commercial Warehousing, Export Packaging and Workshop and Breakdown service. C.S Ellis has approximately 50 Vehicle technicians every 6 – 8 Weeks.

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Abellio Challenge

Client: Abellio Challenge | Products: Battery Testers, Battery Chargers

Abellio operates public transport contracts in Europe, predominately within the rail and bus sectors. The Abellio Beddington Cross depot in Croydon, part of Abellio London division, operates 93 buses along 8 routes.

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