We’re the UK distributor & Repairer of CTEK professional chargers and accessories. (7amps & above)

CTEK are a great brand, known for having the ‘Smartest Battery Chargers in the World’. CTEK battery chargers and other products are trusted by the leading motor manufacturers. CTEK pioneered smart charging technology, which means CTEK smart chargers communicate with the battery to ensure it’s charged correctly.

Our CTEK battery charger range is always growing as they develop more advanced chargers including CTEK pro that provide fast and effective battery care. Our CTEK battery chargers all provide:

  • Safe long term maintenance of batteries
  • Recovery and repair for deep discharge
  • Charging to the full capacity
  • Minimum mains energy consumption

All CTEK chargers are simple and safe to use, approved for outdoor use and provide great results – regardless of the battery type. For CTEK UK, look no further than Rotronics.


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