Electric Vehicles

The next decade will see a shift from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. This is already presenting exciting new challenges to all of us who work within the global automotive markets.

In these early stages of EV technology and the move towards electrification, we are working closely with our customers to help solve their battery management issues. Rotronics is working in partnership with several vehicle as industry awareness is growing to recognise that the health of the 12v or 24v battery remains central to any electric vehicle.

Each workshop must manage the 12/24v battery in the best possible way as it remains at the heart of the vehicle and the electrical systems.  

If you would like to know more about Electrification, Electric Vehicles and how to look after them, Midtronics has developed this guide for you.  Download it and discover the latest knowledge available here.

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EV Battery Management

If you need an EV battery management product, we would be happy to talk to you about the GRX5100, XMB (Module Balancer), XRC (Rescue Charger) and the CPX900 diagnostic platforms.

These products are designed to support both the 12V and EV battery requirements.

The GRX5100 provides an unrivalled ability to safely discharge and balance HEV and EV battery packs (Out of vehicle).

The introduction of the XMB/XRC products are currently manufacturer specific, however Midtronics is developing an aftermarket multi-brand solution, which is likely to be released later in 2023. Contact us now to register your interest.

Much of the work that we carry out to solve customer issues is not always about how to support and manage the EV packs. We are frequently asked to assist with providing the technology which will solve issues relating to the 12v batteries that are integral to the EV powertrain. It is positive to see that the management of the 12/24v battery set is a fundamental consideration.

End of Live Vehicles

We have been working with several end-of-life or reclamation and recycling teams.

They want to know:
  • What tools do they need?
  • How do we communicate with the vehicle?
  • Do modules need charging?
  • How to discharge packs safely?
  • How to recycle the pack?

This is a growing area of our expertise and we would be delighted to help if you need to answer any of these questions.

Contact us and our team of experts will work with you.

Service, Repair and Maintain

We have an in-house service and repair team who will help look after all your battery management technology, carrying out annual services, repairs and calibration procedures. Please get in touch with our technicians to see how they can help with your EV requirements.

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