Abellio operates public transport contracts in Europe, predominately within the rail and bus sectors. The Abellio Beddington Cross depot in Croydon, part of Abellio London division, operates 93 buses along 8 routes.

“Here at Abellio we pride ourselves on providing a first class, reliable public transport service and so making sure that battery related problems weren’t compromising our standards, was a big driver for the development of a Battery Management Programme. The Rotronics team were so helpful in not only giving us a solution but also selling it to our staff by helping them to understand why they were doing it and the benefits that it would bring. After the training session they were, and still are, using the programme as part of every service and we are all benefitting.” Mike Pesh, Abellio London


The technical team at Beddington cross depot were keen to introduce a Battery Management Programme that would eliminate electrical non – starts, by managing battery & charging system defects, and more importantly preventing them in the first place. The Battery Management Programme also needed to reduce costly battery replacements, something that costs the bus industry tens of thousands of pounds every year. To do this batteries need to be kept above 12.4V at all times to protect against risk of sulphation the biggest battery killer. To perform efficiently, 24V battery sets must be ‘in balance’. Abellio identified that a high proportion of premature alternator failures were due to unbalanced batteries.


Rotronics’ Power Management Division specified a solution that would work within the parameters of Abellio’s existing maintenance programme to avoid additional vehicle down time. The Battery Management programme enables workshop engineers to test and diagnose the battery and electrical system. Remedying discharged or out of balance batteries by placing them on the Midtronics Charge Express Pro 50/2 charging unit, safe in the knowledge that batteries are conditioned, charged and balanced. To ensure the process was adopted and supported by Abellio’s technical and mechanical team, Rotronics worked with Abellio to deliver a bespoke hands on training module to demonstrate the programme benefits and processes.


  • Workshop to test the batteries using the Midtroncis EXP1000HD tester when the vehicle arrives into the workshop to establish battery condition. If a faulty battery is detected there is only a need to replace the one battery as the tester has the facility to pair batteries, saving considerable costs to the business.
  • Simply connect up the Midtronics Pro 50/2 charger while the other work is completed, without interruption – the charger will condition, charge and balance the battery set
  • At the end of the vehicle service re-test the batteries and record charge levels on vehicle maintenance record.


EXP1000HD Battery & Electrical System Tester

  • Designed to perform a ‘’full system test’’ in less than 90 seconds
  • Suitable for 12v & 24v Systems & battery technologies
  • Determines condition of individual batteries
  • Performs a ‘’full’’ Electrical system
  • (Starter & Alternator) test
  • All data stored on SD card for future audit and fleet management analysis
  • View the EXP100HD 

ChargeXpress Pro 50/2

  • Twin output, enabling 24v balance charging, or use on two separate 12v systems at the same time
  • Intelligent, safe charging technology suitable for all battery types
  • 5mtr heavy duty ‘’detachable’’ charging cables
  • Spike protection
  • View the ChargeXpress Pro 50/2


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