Motonet was looking for a battery support solution to enable them to offer on the spot European On Board Diagnostic (EOBD) checks to their customers, without the risk of a flat battery.

Motonet is Finland’s leading automotive spare parts and accessories, tools, and leisure goods store. The Motonet store network consists of 25 stores that sell great products backed up by expert advice and additional services, helping customers get the most out of their vehicles and leisure time.

This strong approach to customer service resulted in Motonet introducing the Motomaatti service tent to all stores during 2015, initially launched to fit, free of charge, car accessories that customers had purchased from the store such as light bulbs and wiper blades as well as maintenance activities such as oil level checks – these proved to be very popular. Later on, Motonet also took the decision to start offering additional vehicle checks, such as tyre pressure and EOBD checks for a small fee.

EOBD checks, a diagnostic activity carried out during a vehicle MOT (an annual test of vehicle safety, road worthiness and emissions, required by law), will identify any recent vehicle faults that could result in the vehicle failing its MOT . The ability to offer EOBD checks to customers beforehand meant that Motonet could help their customers be pro-active, identifying and addressing vehicle faults before the MOT, significantly increasing the chance that the vehicle would pass first time around.

Fault code diagnosis places huge power demands on the battery so maintaining battery state of charge is critical to guard against battery failure, either during the process or after the vehicle has left Motomaatti. Motonet was keen to ensure that their customers were protected against a flat battery or worst still lost vehicle data or even damage to sensitive electronics.

Motonet needed an easy to use, safe and portable battery support solution, suitable for outdoor use, that would enable their Motomaatti operatives to undertake EOBD checks, without flattening the battery.

“We have a strong approach to customer service and wanted to ensure that the additional services we were offering didn’t pose a risk of a flat battery either during the process or shortly after the customer left our service area. We needed an easy to use, safe and portable battery support solution, that was also suitable for outdoor use.” Juhani Halmeenmäki Product Group Manager, Motonet LTD


CTEK specified the compact yet powerful MXS 25EC unit, able to deliver up to 25Amps of power in SUPPLY mode. Designed to be used in the harshest of workshop environments, this portable unit features extra-long 6M cables for maximum flexibility and its IP44 rating means it’s suitable for outdoor use too, in temperatures as cold as -20C. The size of the unit was important due to the fact that storage within the Motomaatti service tent was limited.

Whilst the MXS 25EC is an easy to use charger that does not require specialist training, CTEK supported the rollout of the units to all Motomaatti service tents by delivering relevant product training.


The MXS 25EC charger from CTEK provides a stable voltage and up to 25amps of fully regulated power to prevent loss of charge during, or shortly after the EOBD test has been carried out. The advanced electronics of CTEK mean it is completely safe. The MXS 25EC is simple to connect, spark proof and reverse polarity protected, which means that if somebody attaches the terminals the wrong way around, the charger will detect the error and not attempt to charge, therefore ensuring no damage is caused to the battery or sensitive vehicle electronics.

Features Include:

  • Powerful: Up to 25A of fully regulated battery support
  • Flexible: Comes with extra-long 6m cables for maximum flexibility
  • Compatible: Suitable for use on all 12V lead-acid batteries
  • Safe: Non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof, to protect the user, the battery and the vehicle
  • Smart: Built-in automatic temperature sensor, enabling the MXS 25EC to compensate for extreme conditions, providing optimum battery support voltage
  • Robust: IP44 classified for outdoor use, good quality clamps and a strong casing



There are many areas that the introduction of the CTEK MXS 25EC has benefitted:

  • Motomatti efficiency and reputation: Motonet technicians are protected against the possibility of a flat battery during the EODB check, saving valuable service time and protecting their reputation
  • Customer satisfaction: the number of EOBD checks being undertaken is increasing so it’s a service Motonet customers value – something not possible without the introduction of a battery support unit
  • One size fits all: the MXS 25EC is suitable for all 12V lead-acid batteries – only one unit is required for all needs, reducing the requirement for multiple units that would take up valuable storage space
  • Staff confidence: the ease of use of the MXS 25EC means that staff are confident to recommend the EOBD check, even when customers have visited the Motomaatti service tent for a different reason


“We are really pleased with this product. The introduction of the MXS 25EC unit into our Motomaatti service tent means that our technicians are able to confidently undertake EOBD checks without worrying about the battery. It’s really simple to use too so if we have a new member of staff join our team minimal training is required.” Juhani Halmeenmäki Product Group Manager, Motonet LTD

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