ROBIS Records Over 3 Million Battery Tests

A record-breaking 3 million battery tests have now been recorded on ROBIS.

ROBIS is an industry-first web-based dashboard and reporting system, used by international, national, and regional workshops to identify battery problems within their fleet. The system collects data on the frequency of battery tests, alongside live battery health data, presented in easy-to-read reports that identify batteries in need of recharging, replacing, or re-balancing. A proactive battery management programme helps to reduce battery associated non-starts, as well as roadside defects and unnecessary costs due to breakdowns. Compatible battery testers include the Midtronics EXP1000FHD, and the Midtronics CPX900.

3 Million Tests - A Huge Milestone

3 million recorded tests is a huge milestone, demonstrating the growing demand for remote battery management. Testing a vehicle’s battery health on a regular basis helps to prevent battery problems from occurring without warning, such as unbalanced, damaged, or faulty batteries.

If workshops consistently perform battery tests, battery charge or replacement opportunities can be identified swiftly. Consistently recording battery tests performed within a workshop environment can also support warranty claims, by proving a battery is faulty with strict data.

2 Years of Development

ROBIS was launched in February 2019, after two years of development. Previously, battery data was manually analysed by our team, before being presented to customers.

Over 50,000 lines of coding went into the development of ROBIS, and we continue to update and improve the system to this day. Before we fully launched ROBIS, we piloted our software with some of our key customers, such as Royal Mail and Stagecoach, allowing us to identify any points for improvement, whilst demonstrating the systems capability for our customers.

Broad Range of Business Sectors

Since its launch, the platform has been used by a broad range of sectors, including emergency services, public service vehicles, and automotive workshops.

ROBIS allows each sector to see battery health results instantly and remotely, without the need for extracting data from a battery tester SD card. The wireless upload of data is crucial for minimising data analysis time for technicians who may be busy during a service.

Workshop and Fleet Managers can track daily vehicle inspections and battery test frequencies, to ensure technicians are conducting consistent battery tests. The system can be connected to compatible battery testers via Wi-Fi, and the customer is provided with a personalised portal login, allowing them to access battery tester results.

Revolutionising the Battery Management Industry

ROBIS was created to revolutionise the battery management industry, by combining important battery test results in one easy to access platform. Previously, this would have been a manual task, requiring consistent data input from technicians.

The platform provides an excellent return on investment for our customers, replacing costly breakdowns and lost revenue with a proactive, structured battery management system. Without consistently monitoring battery testing and charging, a battery’s life can be reduced from anything up to 50%.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support. We look forward to supporting businesses with a proven battery management programme throughout 2021.

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