Rotronics Partner with the IMI for a Battery Management Webinar

Rotronics has recently partnered with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to present an interactive and remote battery management webinar to members.

The webinar included an insight into the battery management industry, as well as interactive polls and a Q&A session.

Working with the IMI

The IMI provides career support and recognises the achievements of a broad range of automotive industry professionals, including workshop managers, owners, technicians, automotive lecturers, and training consultants.

Our partnership with the IMI has evolved throughout the years. Previously, we've hosted a variety of battery management webinars, including a practical demonstration at Northamptonshire College in 2016, and a battery technology and maintenance event at East Kent MA in 2017.

We continue to work with the IMI to support members by hosting battery management events, such as our latest battery management webinar.

Webinar Partnerships

IMI members and our own customers benefit from our webinar partnerships by tapping into our “battery guru” Ken Clark’s mind. He drills down into why battery management is so important within dealerships, fleet workshops, and independent workshops. Attendees benefitted from learning how to get the best ROI from their battery equipment, such as investing in the latest conductance profiling technology, and the benefits of remote battery management through our online reporting platform, ROBIS.

Ken says “I’m always eager to share my best practice battery management knowledge with IMI members, built up from 30 years’ of experience within the industry.

"Rotronics has a proven track record helping automotive and fleet workshops reduce battery replacement costs and non-starts, by advising and supplying workshops with proactive battery management programmes of testers and chargers.

"I also explore the benefits of ROBIS, our industry-first live battery management portal supporting workshops managers with viewing remote battery health results, to improve their battery management practices wherever they are”.  

Battery Management Has Come a Long Way

In our latest IMI battery management webinar, Ken took IMI members on a journey exploring how far battery management equipment has come in the past 30 years, including a look into some of the best products currently available such as the Midtronics DCA8000.

Attendees received tips on how to avoid the hidden battery killer sulphation, by keeping battery voltages above 12.4v. Members also discovered why two 12v batteries in a 24v battery set can be double the trouble for workshops if the batteries are not kept in balance. 

During the webinar, members were asked to answer a series of interactive polls on topics, such as whether technicians test the battery of every vehicle that enters the workshop. 63% of IMI attendees answered no to this, meaning they likely miss a large percentage of potential battery defects, resulting in higher battery replacement budgets.

We would like to thank the IMI for hosting our latest webinar, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the IMI on future webinars and events. The webinar can be viewed here.

If you're interested in learning more about the IMI, you can visit their website here. IMI members benefit from exclusive content such as industry reports and research, as well as access to exclusive training like our recent webinar. Free or discounted E-Learning courses are also available, including events such as webinars, training courses and apprenticeship support.  

If you are interested in hosting a battery management webinar with Ken, please call 01215140605 to speak to a member of our team.