The Championship Has Been Won by Lewis Clark, Rotronics Sponsored Racer

About Lewis Clark

Rotronics’ sponsored race driver Lewis Clark, has been competing for over three years in the motorsport scene, including taking part in a variety of Championships at Castle Combe Circuit. On his first ever outing in 2020 competing within the Hot Hatch series he manged to win his class, beating more experienced competitors and high-powered cars. Lewis has had some amazing races at Castle Combe Circuit this season over three years while driving his Ford Fiesta ST. In the eight rounds that make up the Castle Combe Hot Hatch Series, Lewis competed at all of them and took home eight trophies which included four first, three second and one for third. He competed in Class A alongside a grid made up of all front wheel drive cars, ranging from 1400cc up to 2000cc split into multiple classes.

Grand Finals Day at Castle Combe Circuit 01/10/22


In order to determine his starting position within both upcoming races, Lewis had to compete in the fifteen-minute qualifying session. As conditions weren’t the best on the day it meant most of the cars were unable to set blistering times.

“Qualifying was difficult out on track due to the surface being wet and greasy. I was undecided whether to stay on dry tyres or to switch to wets prior the session, as there was still a lot of spray coming off the cars in the previous qualifying session. As the session was stopped briefly by a red flag limiting my ability to push the car to its full potential. I had a brief off onto the grass in the infield when I went through standing water and lost control of the car, luckily the only damage to the car was a missing side skirt.” said Lewis. Despite all of this, he was still able to place the car third overall, and first in his class out of thirty-one competitors.

Round Seven & Eight of The Hot Hatch Series

With the Hot Hatch series lining up for the first race of the day there was time for a grid walk where spectators can get up close with the cars and drivers. Lewis was given the opportunity to round up his season with the pre-race interview where he said “with just two races to go I feel confident that I can come away with the class A title. The car has been running perfect all year and I hope to end the season on a high.” Round seven was just around the corner meaning all competitors had to suit up ready for the green flag lap. Both races are twenty minutes long full of close and exciting racing.

As the red lights went out the cars left the grid and charged up to the first corner. Lewis had a great start and maintained first in his class off the line. Unfortunately, the race was cut short due to a red flag after collisions on the track caused six cars to retire from the race. This meant only nine laps of the race were completed and the race was unable to continue. This meant that Lewis had managed to place fifth overall and first in his class.

The Hot Hatch second race had better track conditions meaning this was the final chance to pick up any silverware. Lewis had an early loss at the start of the race by getting caught up in a collision with another car causing him to drop down the order from third on the grid to eighth, only little damage was done to his car meaning he still had a chance of making it back up the order. With just ten minutes left to go Lewis was determined to drive as well as he could despite having a bent steering arm causing the car to steer more left than usual. Besides this, Lewis did not let it deter him and fought his way through the pack to finish third overall and first in his class and coming away with the fastest class lap time of 1:16.44s. In the post-race interview Lewis was told the amazing news he was classed as the Class A Championship within the Hot Hatch Series. “I would like to thank all my sponsors which without there backing this wouldn’t be possible, I hope I can make my next big impact within the motorsport league and go on to win multiple championships”.

Champion Has Been Crowned

Lewis went on to win the Championship for the first time in his racing career as a result of finishing first in Class A for the 2022 Hot Hatch Series at Castle Combe. Lewis has come a long way from his start in go-karting, where he progressed to racing on a larger stage, saying "I have worked really hard to have gain this achievement and I'm ready to race for more trophies in the bigger leagues". Lewis and the team celebrated after a long and challenging racing season. Congratulations, Lewis. 

The Next Race for Lewis Clark

On the 51st edition of Formula Ford Festival at Brand Hatch, you can watch Lewis compete in the Modified Ford Series.

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