The Professional Recovery Tow Show 2022

We participated in one of the UK's largest vehicle recovery industry events.

On September 28th and 29th, we exhibited at the Professional Recovery tow Show event, where we showcased our knowledge of battery management techniques and programmes to visitors. Each year the event brings together professionals from different industries from all over the UK to display and present thee latest designs in roadside vehicles and technology equipment.

On The Stand

Mark Poole from CTEK and Haris Jawed, our marketing assistant, joined Rotronics Managing Director Ken Clark at the event. Ken said, “it is always amazing to attend events to speak to other industry experts and visitors on the importance of battery management. The fundamentals of battery management in contemporary vehicles remain the same. The importance of continuously testing the battery over time can help you save a lot of time and money by monitoring the health of batteries.”

Common Topics

Our team had a great time sharing battery management guidance to show-goers. We spoke with a variety of attendees at the event, including managers, technicians, and directors of independent workshops who were all eager to see what we had to offer with the most recent trends and technology. In order to stay on the road longer without experiencing a battery-related problem, visitors were looking for a way to extend the life of car batteries. To help visitors understand battery management further and why it is crucial, Ken explained the entire process from start to finish.

Another hot topic was how to properly manage and diagnose batteries, as not all users take full advantage of the battery equipment by using it correctly. To address issues like these, it is critical to receive training from experts who know what they are doing and can show you how to perform tasks correctly so that you do not get an incorrect result.

ROBIS was another key area of focus as it has recently surpassed 5 million battery test results which shows the importance and impact it has been making in the automotive industry. It assists management and workflow improvements by offering a thorough overview of each battery test performed throughout the independent workshops and Roadside providers. ROBIS caught the attention of workshops and fleets because it provides a wealth of data in a single location. Visitors appreciated being able to track a battery's performance over time in order to determine when the battery begins to fail and what actions their employees are taking to resolve the issue.

The more battery knowledge and technology that is shared in the automotive industry, the more vehicles will leave the workshop for the first time, without the possibility of a breakdown due to battery-related defects. This improves long-term corporate reputations, and consumers are more likely to return to the garage for future services, earning additional money.

The show is a great place to talk to other industries at their stands, such as The School of Thought, which helps young people become work ready within the automotive industry. Raising awareness of the automotive industry among young people at schools is a great place to open new doors of opportunities that they may have not thought about. Experts like Ken Clark can visit schools and educate young people by developing a programme to show the importance of battery management in the automotive industry.

If you saw us at the show and have any additional questions or would like to invite Rotronics to a future tradeshow or event, please call our team on 0121 514 0605.