12V Multiple Battery Charging Bank

At Rotronics we are always looking at new innovative products to put on our shelves, and we are particularly proud of our latest one. Our new 12v Multiple Battery Charging Bank is designed to maintain and charge up to 4 batteries at any one time in a safe and efficient way.

Our latest charging product monitors and charges each battery independently. This means a safe, timely and efficient charging of any 4 differing batteries. This charging product comes as an alternative to the traditional ‘buzz’ bar chargers, which can cause greater damage to batteries and uneven charging, especially if different ages or size batteries are changed.

This product is ideal for workshops wanting to maintain or charge batteries held in stocks, or simply perform ‘off vehicle’ charging in a safe way.

If you are still wondering if the Rotronics 12v Multiple Battery Charging Bank is for you then give us a call on 0121 526 8185