Ken Clark Conducts Virtual Training Session for Abellio

This month, our Managing Director Ken Clark has remotely delivered a series of battery maintenance training sessions to senior managers and technicians at Abellio London. Abellio London is a large transport company, responsible for operating bus fleets and servicing customers throughout the Greater London area.

The virtual training sessions demonstrated full battery system testing procedures and features, supporting workshop operations to achieve improved battery management efficiencies, utilising the Midtronics EXP1000FHD fleet heavy duty battery tester, and our industry-first web-based dashboard and reporting system, ROBIS.

The Abellio London delegates also received training to help them interpret battery test print outs, allowing the technicians to effectively identify battery defects and issues, reducing unnecessary battery spend. To further support with the Abellio technicians’ training, Ken Clark has also produced ‘How To’ guides to reinforce training messages.


Training Importance

We understand the significance of supporting our customers with extensive training sessions, as part of a comprehensive battery maintenance programme. It is important to work in partnership with our customers, to help expand the technicians’ skills of how to use the latest battery management technology, by introducing them to their personalised ROBIS portal.

Replacing on-site training with a virtual experience, has been crucial to continue Abellio’s proactive battery management programme throughout the Covid period. This helps provide technicians with vital knowledge of maintaining in-balance batteries, test and charge or replacement opportunities, ensuring that fleets continue to operate effectively throughout the year. This reduces potential battery defects, which can lead to costly vehicle non-starts, reducing transport operations efficiency.

For more information on our battery management training solutions, contact our team today.