Rotronics 12v Multiple Battery Charging Bank

Sector: 12V

Now in stock: The CTEK 12v Multiple charging bank enabling individual charging of up to 4 batteries at any one time. An ideal solution for battery maintenance of stored batteries to maintain condition and voltage.

This unit minimises the risk of sulphation during storage, maximising their efficiency and capacity before fitment to vehicles.

  • 4 x individual 7amp fully automatic chargers
  • Simple “Connect” and “Charge” function
  • Reverse polarity and spark protection
  • Suitable for all battery types
  • Wall mounted unit with pre-drilled fixings for simple installation


  • Each charge output delivering 7amp independent charging
  • IP65 rated
  • 7 Stage switch mode feature incorporating Soft Start, Desulphation, Bulk, Absorb, Analyse, Float & Pulse mode
  • Casing made from powder coated steel
  • Dimensions (L) 610mm x (W) 310mm x (D) 130mm


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