EXP 1000 Tester

EXP1000 FHD – Fleet Heavy Duty Battery Tester


The EXP1000FHD Fleet Specific testing platform incorporates specific features supporting PSV & CV workshop applications. With its unique ability in recording the user ID (enabling you to identify who is performing the test) along with Vehicle Identification input, enabling tracking of specific vehicle test reports on all vehicles tested and storing them onto the internal SD card for future reference and analysis.

  • 12/24V Battery & Electrical System Testing
  • “Balancing of Batteries” Feature (essential for 24v applications)
  • Recording of “user” input data
  • Vehicle Identification entry (VIN & Fleet number based)
  • Unique Fleet Battery testing Algorithm
  • Integration of Amp Clamp capability (Accessory, sold separately)
  • “Pairing” of battery sets (essential for fitment of new 24v sets)
  • “New Battery” Test mode (Enabling testing new/uncycled Batteries)
  • Enhanced “Surface Charge Removal” procedure
  • New defined Electrical System Test procedure
  • “Deep Scan” Technology (for accurately testing discharged batteries)
  • Cable Drop test capability (additional lead set required)
  • Printable test reports (via infra red printer, sold separately)
  • Built in Temperature sensor (delivering increased test diagnosis)
  • Test results stored onto SD card for future reference & analysis

Suitable for Battery Types:

  • Flooded
  • AGM & Start/Stop AGM
  • AGM Spiral
  • GEL

Test Range:

  • 100-3000 EN & SAE
  • 100-1000 DIN & IEC
  • JIS (Full range by Part Number)

Cable Length:

  • Heavy Duty Detachable 305cm/10ft


  • Large 5 line text/graphical LCD Backlit Screen
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