GRX5100 HEV/EV Battery service tool


The Midtronics GRX5100 delivers unrivalled ability in enabling the safe discharge and balancing of HEV and EV battery packs. The xEV platform designed for pack level and module balancing, having taken 8 years of development, research and dealership xEVexperience is now available.

  • Voltage range 0-384 VDC
  • Charging Range 0-5.0 ADC
  • Discharge Range 0-7.5 ADC
  • Nominal continous output power 2000W
  • Input Voltage and frequency range 100-240 VAC (50/60HZ)
  • User interface with 3″display with Alpha/Numeric keypad
  • Wireless software update – updateable via USB
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Battery model identifcation
  • Defective cell detection
  • Cell voltage monitoring 64 cells (with BCU-64 Module)
  • Weight 24kgs
  • Pack and Module level
    • Balance (Charge/Discharge)
    • Transportation Discharge
    • Stock Maintenance
  • HEV Rescue Charge
  • Emergency Discharge
  • 48v System Support
  • Exchangeable output cable to fit Module/Pack
  • Programmable target voltage with 10MV resolution
  • Programmable maximum (Dis)charge current with 500MA resolution
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