GRX 3000 Tester/Charger

Midtronics GRX3000 – Battery Testing and Charging Diagnostic Station

Sectors: 12V

The GRX3000 is Midtronics most advanced Battery Testing and Charging Diagnostic Platform, incorporating the latest in battery testing diagnosis with the ability to fully charge the battery at the same time. A perfect combination for any workshop wanting an “all in one” diagnostic and charging platform, delivering intelligent charge acceptance detection and automatic charge refusal of faulty batteries. If you need a tractor battery charger or plant, car & van charger with diagnostics this is ideal.

Suitable for Battery Types:

  • Flooded
  • AGM & Start/Stop AGM
  • AGM Spiral
  • GEL

Power Output:

  • 70Amp Diagnostic Charge
  • 70Amp “Power Supply”
  • Ahr Input for accurate “time to Charge Calculation”

Test Range:

  • 100-1700 EN, SAE & CCA
  • 100-1000 DIN & IEC
  • JIS (Full range by Part Number)

Cable Length:

  • Heavy Duty Detachable 305cm/10ft


Large 6 line text/graphical LCD Backlit Screen with alphanumeric keypad

The GRX3000 delivers the ultimate workshop service offering, combining both diagnostic testing & charging all in one mobile unit. Perfect for fast accurate “warranty” diagnosis (whilst the customer waits) and “upselling” of workshop charging service add on, generating increased Customer Service & Sales Revenue opportunities as part of workshop Service routine.

            • 70Amp diagnostic charge and power supply modes
            • Multiple diagnostic and charge routines
            • Dedicated charge curves for all Battery Technologies
            • SD card for storage of test Data & future reprogramming updates
            • Spark & Reverse Polarity protected
            • Integrated printer, displaying Test & Charge information
            • Charge Acceptance detection, for accurate & conclusive results
            • “Quick Test” feature
            • Manual & Diagnostic “user input” Charging profiles
            • Ahr Input for accurate “Time to Charge” Calculation
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