GRX 3000 Tester/Charger

Midtronics GRX3000 – Battery Testing and Charging Diagnostic Station

Sectors: 12V

The GRX3000 delivers the ultimate workshop service offering, combining both diagnostic testing & charging all in one mobile unit. Perfect for fast accurate “warranty” diagnosis (whilst the customer waits) and “upselling” of workshop charging service add on, generating increased Customer Service & Sales Revenue opportunities as part of workshop Service routine.

            • 70Amp diagnostic charge and power supply modes
            • Multiple diagnostic and charge routines
            • Dedicated charge curves for all Battery Technologies
            • SD card for storage of test Data & future reprogramming updates
            • Spark & Reverse Polarity protected
            • Integrated printer, displaying Test & Charge information
            • Charge Acceptance detection, for accurate & conclusive results
            • “Quick Test” feature
            • Manual & Diagnostic “user input” Charging profiles
            • Ahr Input for accurate “Time to Charge” Calculation

Suitable for Battery Types:

  • Flooded
  • AGM & Start/Stop AGM
  • AGM Spiral
  • GEL

Power Output:

  • 70Amp Diagnostic Charge
  • 70Amp “Power Supply”
  • Ahr Input for accurate “time to Charge Calculation”

Test Range:

  • 100-1700 EN, SAE & CCA
  • 100-1000 DIN & IEC
  • JIS (Full range by Part Number)

Cable Length:

  • Heavy Duty Detachable 305cm/10ft


Large 6 line text/graphical LCD Backlit Screen with alphanumeric keypad

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