Midtronics MAR800P – Marine Dedicated Battery Electric System Tester


The MAR800P Marine diagnostic battery tester delivers simple and accurate testing of starter and auxiliary batteries.

The tester not only tests the condition of individual batteries in the set, it also delivers a pack test result essential for ensuring the batteries are in balance, prolonging their serviceable life.

12v and 24v battery and electrical system testing
12v and 24v Series and parallel testing of up to six batteries
12v and 24v starting and charging system testing

New battery test mode, for testing new uncycled batteries
Tough rubberised protective cover
Balance testing of battery pack
Future proof technology (updatable by way of SD card slot)
Test results stored onto SD card (for future reference and analysis)
Recording of vessel ID or name personalising each test performed
Supplied with laptop style storage case

Suitable for Battery Types:

  • flooded
  • AGM Flat Plate
  • AGM Spiral
  • GEL

Test Range:

  • 100-2000 MCA
  • 100-2000 EN/SAE
  • 100-1250 DIN/IEC
  • JIS (Full range by part number)

Cable Length:

  • Heavy Duty Detachable 305cm/10ft


  • Large 128×64 pixel, backlit screen



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