MCC-070 Charger

Sector: 12V

  • Charges all batteries –  AGM, EFB and Lithium Models effectively and quickly
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Clearly indicate charge status: charging, charge, complete, charging error/fault
  • Automatic and efficient charge recovery for deeply discharged batteries
  • Manual voltage and current limit selections
  • Temperature-based selectable charging limits
  • Provides on demand current and constan clean voltage to the vehicle battery for the extended period of time required to update the vehicle computer software
  • Selectable voltage levels from 11-16VDC
  • 12v charging
  • 70 amps
  • Charging cable length 2mtr/3mtr/5mtr
  • Bluetooth & Wifi Connectivity
  • Dimensions: height 4.8in, Width 13.1in, length 12.0in,
  • Weighs 18lbs
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