Rotronics Online Battery Information System

We have developed ROBIS to be able to demonstrate that the Rotronics Battery Management Programmes deliver real cost savings.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it and you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

The Rotronics team make it their life’s work to help fleet owners and managers reduce unnecessary battery-related costs and work with independent workshops to increase customer service and maximise sales opportunities associated with battery and electrical system defects.

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What is ROBIS?

The ROBIS portal is a web-based dashboard and reporting system that collects battery data from your national/regional workshop sources and presents it in filterable reports enabling you to analyse battery data quickly and easily.

ROBIS is used in conjunction with the Rotronics EXP1000FHD Fleet Heavy Duty Testing Platform – simply upload the tester SD card data into the portal.

Subscription fees apply and users must have access to the internet.

New Key Features

  • Live data reported into ROBIS, for instant results visibility
  • No need to extract SD card from tester
  • Warranty claims immediately processed and can be submitted as they happen
  • Early detection of vehicle and battery related performance issues
  • Know instantly how many tests are being carried out by technicians daily aiding compliance
  • Instant ability to track the number of daily vehicle inspections against the number of battery tests performed
  • Accurately compare “non-start” defects against latest routine maintenance test
  • Extract and create weekly charging schedules against those vehicles tested as requiring charging
  • Centralised dashboard showing regional and national KPI output of workshop battery test performance

Instant online access

Personalised and secure ROBIS portal login, giving multiple users defined access and restricted levels to:

  • Dashboard
  • Additional reports
  • Warranty management
  • Regional/national statistics
Instant online access


The ROBIS dashboard has been designed to work on any PC, tablet or mobile phone device and gives instant access to both current and historical workshop testing results and analysis on the go, anywhere, at anytime.

  • View your rank within the industry – find out how your workshop is performing
  • % of tests where 24V battery set is “in balance”
  • No of total batteries that have tested as “replace”
  • Number of vehicle “non-starts” reported


The database provides personalised reports for the workshop and management team to manage both workshop maintenance and vehicle reliability trends, whilst addressing individual training needs associated with the overall battery maintenance process.

Rotronics experts can leave their commentary on reports to guide your team in the right direction.


Active Warranty Management

The ROBIS active warranty management programme delivers a simple and comprehensive means of processing warranty claims. With minimal input being required from you, it delivers a comprehensive overview of the battery health and lifecycle performance to aid warranty adjudication for you and the supplier.

Active Warranty Management

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