Save £100’s in Replacement Costs Per Year by Caring for Your Cables

A simple way workshops can save money on equipment replacement costs is by caring for battery cables during and after use.

Depending on the workshop size, replacing damaged cables can quickly cost workshops hundreds or even thousands of pounds in unnecessary expenses per year.

Poorly maintained cables significantly impact productivity and battery management capabilities, meaning a workshop could be left short when they come to test and charge vehicles. To make sure cables are in top condition, they must be protected from dirt and damage in workshop environments.

Cable Care Checklist

- Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean oil, dirt and debris from cables and amp clamps, to reduce cable tears and corrosion. Technicians must wear the correct PPE when cleaning dangerous substances, such as sulfation.

- Correctly Remove Cables: Remove cables by the plug, or by opening the clamps. Never pull cables to remove them, it can damage internal wiring, causing battery testers or chargers to fail.

- Carry Cables Safely: Carry equipment by holding onto the product. Carrying equipment by the cables can damage internal connections and wiring.

- Store Cables Correctly: Avoid wrapping cables around the product, as it causes internal wires to bend and break. Instead, loosely wrap cables up and place them next to the tester or charger.

When to Replace Cables

When a battery tester or charger is operating incorrectly, it could be time to replace the attached cables.

If there are any external signs of damage to the cables, we recommend immediate replacement.

We are able to supply a range of compatible cables to Midtronics and CTEK products. Simply contact our team on 0121 514 0605 to discuss your requirements.

If we don’t have your required cable in stock, we can quickly source a bespoke replacement.


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