Questions & Answers

Battery Tester's

No power in my tester

Check the internal batteries which are located at the back of the unit, if the batteries are correct and have a good voltage send the unit into us for repair.

Tester shows flash disk error during every battery test

Ensure you have a 2gb SD card inserted, If this is correct enter into the ‘Utilities’ menu and select ‘Format SD Card’ this will set the SD card up to record the tester data.

Date and Time incorrect on tester

Select the date and time menu (in ‘Utilities’ for EXP series), change the date and time then enter select to save. If you are unable to change the date and time please call for assistance.

Tester shows check connection during battery tests

Make sure the clamps are free from grease and dirt build up. Also carry out a visual inspection on the cable set looking for rips/tears. If the above are all ok please send the unit in for investigation.

How do I programme my workshop address into the battery tester?

Enter the ‘Utilities’ menu and select ‘shop info’  you will then be able to add your workshop name and address which will also be shown on your printouts.

Battery Chargers

My Charge Express 50/2 Charger has no power

Ensure the power cord is inserted correctly, turn on the black rocker switch (at this point the fan should rock slightly to indicate power at the circuit board), hold down the channel 1 button for 5 – 10 seconds, the unit should power up from standby mode. If this does not work please send the unit in for further investigations.

No output from my charger to the battery

Put the charger in charge mode when connected to a battery above 5volts, use a multi meter across the battery terminals to see if the voltage rises above 13volts, if this does not happen please send the unit in for further investigation.

What do the error flash codes mean?

Link to Error Code Document


What batteries are used in the hand held infra-red printer?

The batteries must be re-chargeable 1.2v and above 1600mah (this is vital)

My print out is darker on one side than the other

Gear head tension adjustment is required (see below pictures)

Gear Head Alignment

How do I know if my batteries are charging?

The status light will flash after 1 minute after turning the charger on and will continue to do so.

How long do the batteries take to charge?

The batteries will take 4 hours to charge providing the printer is switched off.

Will the charger supply enough power to print?

The charger will not supply the printer with enough power to print only to charge the batteries.

My status light is constantly flashing.

Check that the batteries are fully charged and that the thermal paper is inserted correctly.

If the above have been checked and are correct, please send the unit in for repair.

My printer is only printing symbols and numbers or not printing at all.

Possible communication path error, Call service for guidance.