Calibration and Verification Form

Whilst Midtronics diagnostic battery testers does not require any form of calibration after the tester is purchased. We strongly advise that you have the tester verified and calibrated once every year. This will make sure the readings given are within the manufactured tolerance levels required.

When the unit arrives there will be a visual inspection taken out on all components including the internal and external cable sets which can have a large effect on the readings obtained.

The tester will then go through a series of tests which will measure the unit’s internal components, along with the conductance and resistance ability of the tester. The results from the conductance and resistance tests will be incorporated along with the reference results, into the Rotronics diagnostic protocol programme. The outcome of this programme will give a conclusive decision on whether the battery tester is within the tolerance levels required.

The Midtronics circuit boards have three calibration points that also require examination as part of the verification and testing procedure.

Upon passing verification and calibration the unit will be issued with a verification dated label and certificate, which will highlight the tolerance levels and tests carried out during the process.

If the unit fails to meet the tolerance requirements, a repair procedure will be carried out to determine reasons for failure.

If the cable set is in poor condition a new set will be required to prevent the tester failing verification, at this point the customer will be contacted to authorise the repair.

Delivery will be with UPS next day service at the cost of £12.00, plus verification fee.

Please fill in the form below to submit your unit for verification.


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