A key service focus is battery maintenance, providing a source of workshop revenue, whilst encouraging customers to return with excellent customer service. Our expert team can advise your workshop on motorcycle battery tester and motorcycle battery charger options, from renowned brands including Midtronics and CTEK.

When battery charging or battery replacements are needed, your customers can be assured they will continue to receive outstanding service from your business, supported by Rotronics.

Take a look at our motorcycle battery chargers and testers below.

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Vehicle Safety

It’s important to make sure motorcycles are operating safely and efficiency at all times, to avoid costly accidents or downtime that may occur. Part of a motorcycle’s maintenance should be focused on battery management, as part of a larger system that consists of the alternator, stator, and regulator.

When servicing a motorcycle within a workshop setting, battery management often goes overlooked - when the vehicle is seemingly running correctly, there appears to be no need to look further. This could be detrimental to the vehicle’s overall health, as it could leave the workshop and fail to start shortly after due to battery-related issues.

The main role of a motorcycle’s battery is to start the engine, whilst supplying enough power for continued usage, alongside consumer loads present on the bike, such as the stereo, lights, and GPS. Without a consistent battery management programme set in place, with regular testing and charging, it is likely the motorcycle will eventually fail to start, even if a service has recently taken place. It’s also important to use professional quality motorcycle battery charger and tester products.

This is costly for the motorcycle owner, who expects the vehicle to be in working condition. This could also result in reduced return business for the workshop who performed the service without considering battery management.

Preventing Non-Starts

To reduce battery defects and non-starts, we provide a comprehensive service, including an initial call to identify the problem, before recommending the correct motorcycle battery tester or charger to provide a solution. We also provide comprehensive training for workshop technicians, to ensure equipment is effectively utilised.

Our best-selling products for servicing motorcycles include the Midtronics MDX500 series and MDX645(P) tester. When using our industry-leading products, from reputable suppliers such as Midtronics and CTEK, you can be assured that you will receive an efficient programme, designed with over 30 years of technical experience, to maintain a vehicles battery performance.

Battery Testing

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