A leading cause of vehicle failure is battery defects, due to a poor standard of battery maintenance. It’s important your workshop provides an efficient battery management programme to keep vans and other commercial vehicles on the road. This will develop customer relationships, whilst providing another potential source of income. Our experienced team assist in delivering comprehensive workshop solutions, supporting CTEK chargers and Midtronics diagnostic testers.

Training, calibration, and battery maintenance can also strengthen your workshops productivity and expertise, allowing you to provide better customer service and hopefully growing your business.

See our van battery charger and van battery tester range below.

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Keeping Vans on the Road

Vans are used within a variety of sectors, to make sure employees can arrive on the scene with the right equipment necessary, to complete the assigned job. However, the most important piece of equipment, the battery, is commonly overlooked.

Workshops do not always test and charge batteries whilst conducting a service, even though it’s crucial to allow the vehicle to start. Without efficient maintenance, increased vehicle downtime can occur, halting a company’s operations until a solution is found.

Modern vans now include the same consumer loads present in cars, such as GPS, start/stop, and stereo, which add increased strain to a battery’s performance requirements. To ensure vans are maintained correctly, we recommend battery tests are conducted frequently, to identify when charging or replacements are needed, using professional-grade van battery charger and tester equipment. If a battery is out of balance, a battery charger should be on hand to quickly resolve the issue before non-starts occur.

Proven Battery Management

This is an excellent opportunity for workshops to add value to their services, with a proven battery management programme. It can also provide an additional form of income for the business. When working with Rotronics, we can ensure workshops receive a bespoke solution for their requirements, with comprehensive training, quality products, and efficient aftercare, through servicing and calibration.

Typical battery types within vans include AGM, Flooded, and EFB, so it’s important to identify compatible testing and charging devices for each vehicle. We recommend the Midtronics MDX655P tester or the DCA8000 charger.

When testing van fleets, select van battery tester equipment can be paired with our unique portal, ROBIS. ROBIS can provide reports monthly, to determine battery health. This allows workshops to track when batteries need a charge or replacement, in an easy to access format.

Battery Testing

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