Service & Repair Centre

Our dedicated team of technical engineers are fully qualified and trained in the repair, service, and full calibration of all of our products, and have over 15 years’ experience in our sector.

The objective of our service centre is to offer customers where possible, a 24hour turnaround after receiving the equipment in need of attention. We are pleased to be able to offer a fast, industry-leading turnaround, meaning that time without your battery maintenance equipment is kept to a minimum – this is reflected in our customer satisfaction score of over 95%.

For every product that enters our service centre, one of our technical engineers will get in touch to confirm your details and confirm that they have received your equipment. You will be communicated to during the service process, and if there is a cost to you, we will not commence any work without speaking to you first to get your authorisation.

To submit a repair, service, or warranty request, please fill out the easy to use repair form, or call our office.

Calibration & Verification

Annual calibrations are key to ensuring your battery tester readings are within the tolerance levels required, and working to its optimum performance.

Our Promise

The Rotronics team will take great care to curate a bespoke battery management product and support package, which will reduce your battery-related costs and improve vehicle efficiency.


All repairs carried out in our service centre are guaranteed for 6 months, are carried out by our qualified technical engineers to a very high standard. We use the very latest in diagnostic equipment to ensure your products are returned in a fully serviceable state, and fully cleaned state.


We offer on-site training on battery management programmes, and more specifically we create bespoke training modules designed to integrate around your workshop needs and training requirements.

Warranty Registration

Registering your battery testers and battery chargers gives you free and full protection with your purchase. We strongly advise that customers register their product for warranty, as soon as possible after purchase..


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Renew Your ROBIS Subscription

Based on the length of contract, your ROBIS subscription will need renewing either annually, bi-annually or every three years. If you have a rolling monthly contract, your subscription will be renew automatically.

To find your subscription renewal date, log in to the ROBIS portal and navigate to the dashboard.

Should you need to pay for your subscription renewal with a purchaser order number, please call 01453 840 401.