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We are the industry leaders in commercial, and fleet battery management solutions

We deliver simple, effective battery and electrical system testing processes that integrate into every-day workshop practices. Our mission over the past decade and a half has been to help fleet owners/managers and independent workshops reduce unnecessary battery-related costs, by extending battery performance, maximising customer service, and increasing sales revenue opportunities.

Our programmes are moulded around our customers business needs, enhancing workshop productivity and fault diagnosis. Whether your business targets sales, fleet management, customer service or day-to-day routine maintenance, we have the solution to meet your needs.

Working with Rotronics can extend the life of a vehicle’s battery through accurate diagnosis and proactive maintenance. We work with our customers to help determine failures pro-actively within a fleet, before it impacts on your business.

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Millstone For ROBIS, Five Million Test Results

We are pleased to announce that ROBIS has reached five million test results since its inception in February 2019. ROBIS has been busy over the past three years, gathering battery data from vehicle wo...

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Celebrating with CTEK

We are proud to be CTEK’s UK partner and delighted to celebrate their 25-year anniversary.  We have been working with the CTEK team for 15 of those 25 years of battery charging product innovati...

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