Batteries can be volatile; especially in confined spaces. So, understanding the safety features is key.

Make sure you know what in-built features are associated with the product, eg spike/spark and reversed polarity protection.

Understanding this is vital to looking after your workforce and workshop. Every time the battery pack is used it should be put back on charge as soon as possible to ensure that it is fully charged and this will prolong the life of the powerpack.

Make sure that clamps aren’t connected together and should be fitted with isolator switch mechanisms to avoid the pack spiking if positive and negative come into contact with each other.

The weight of the pack is important, as is working out how it is going to be moved around the workshop to ensure that your workforce is protected and looked after.

Periodically, check for signs of damage to the pack and that cables are not worn or damaged and that the clamp protective coatings are not exposed. Any wear and tear should be resolved asap.

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