Battery Testers

Browse our extensive collection of industry-leading battery testing equipment.

Battery Chargers

We supply a range of Midtronics and CTEK commercial battery chargers and equipment, which have the capability to charge 12 and 24-volt batteries.

Brake Bleeders

GL is an industry leader for brake maintenance, filling and bleeding hydraulic brake systems.

Power Packs

Our trusted range of power packs are heavy duty, and are designed specifically for intensive professional workshop use.


Once you have made your investment in a battery charger or tester, it is time to think about what accessories are required to further improve workshop efficiencies, and maximise sales and/or servicing opportunities.

We are the industry leaders in battery management solutions for workshops, fleets, and bespoke battery maintenance applications.

Using the very latest in global technologies including the latest generation software, hardware solutions, and our leading portal ROBIS, we are proud to offer our customers unrivalled battery management products and programmes, backed up with our service and calibration offering.

We deliver an end to end battery management solution and are committed to offering customers’ extended battery life cycles and performance capabilities through our battery testers and chargers. Our products help you to reduce your costs, and at the same time increase opportunities and drive best practices in your workshop environment - regardless of whether that is commercial, independent, or fleet.

Our primary product offering centres around Midtronics and CTEK. We are the selected UK supplier for these world-renowned manufacturers. We work with them to develop new products and applications, supporting both standard and bespoke environments.

Our range of products includes award winning chargers, industry leading technologies, and testing diagnostic platforms, all of which are fully support by our in-house service and repair team.

Battery Testing



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Based on the length of contract, your ROBIS subscription will need renewing either annually, bi-annually or every three years. If you have a rolling monthly contract, your subscription will be renew automatically.

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