Service and Repair Terms and Conditions

In order for the Rotronics Repair Department to provide our customers with the best service and support. The following terms and conditions apply to all aspects of our service,  repair and calibration services.

These conditions are in place to ensure that we deliver high quality customer service, whilst minimizing disruption to you and your business while your equipment is with us.


You the customer agree to:

  • Complete and return a copy of the Service & Repair Form (which can be found on the Rotronics website, and for calibration requests all fields having been completed.)
  • By submitting your request, you agree to the following conditions:
    • You are responsible for arranging shipment of your goods (at your own expense) which must be safely packaged and clearly marked with Rotronics Service Department address and postcode. If any goods are delivered to the incorrect address, Rotronics is not responsible for the loss of any goods or arranging any collections.
    • You must ensure that you have the authority to approve any repairs or calibrations.
    • BACS payment or a purchase order must be provided within 21 days of quotation being sent to the authorised person/s.
    • In the event that you do not wish to procced with a repair but want your unit back, you agree to pay for the inspection fee and return delivery charges.
    • In the event that you want your unit to be scrapped and not returned, Rotronics may waiver any such fees (at the discretion of Rotronics), which will be agreed and confirmed at the time.
    • If you ship your repair to the wrong location, Rotronics takes no responsibility.
    • If Rotronics have to collect your unit due to it being sent to the wrong location you will receive a £35 collection charge with your quote.
    • Rotronics takes no responsibility for any damage to you unit upon arrival.


Upon receiving your repair for repair/calibration, Rotronics will:

  • Notify you either by phone or email to let you know we have received your unit.
  • We may need to contact you to confirm contact details and verify who is authorised to approve any works to be carried out.
  • We shall notify you by email or phone regarding any costs associated with your repair/calibration. We will formally submit a quotation to you or authorised person/s via email.
  • Rotronics will not carry out any works to your unit without prior authorisation.
  • Rotronics will hold units requiring repairs for a maximum of 21 days, thereafter, if we do not receive authorisation from you, Rotronics reserves the right to scrap your unit. Rotronics will make every effort to communicate with you or your business to obtain authorisation, however it is your responsibility to ensure we receive your decision or authorisation during this period.


After your repair has been completed:

  • Rotronics will dispatch your repair using our courier. You may choose to use your own courier, you will need to inform the service team ahead of collection.
  • If you have used Rotronics courier and your products have been damaged during transit, you will need to contact a member of the Rotronics team within 48 hours of delivery. Rotronics is not liable for any damage sustained to your equipment during transit. After the 48 hour period, we are unable to claim for any damages.
  • Parts replaced during repair will be covered by Rotronics 6 month repair warranty. This does not cover the whole unit, just the parts replaced. (Excluding cases of misuse, abuse or wear and tear items such as lead sets)

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Renew Your ROBIS Subscription

Based on the length of contract, your ROBIS subscription will need renewing either annually, bi-annually or every three years. If you have a rolling monthly contract, your subscription will be renew automatically.

To find your subscription renewal date, log in to the ROBIS portal and navigate to the dashboard.

Should you need to pay for your subscription renewal with a purchaser order number, please call 01453 840 401.