24 Volt

Our 24V battery charger range includes chargers from 14amps, to 50amp. We are pleased to offer you the industry leading twin output charger, the CXPRO52, ideal for those looking for increased efficiency when charging and balancing battery sets. The CXPRO52 is our most popular product for commercial workshop applications.

Our industry-leading PRO50-2 allows individual charging of both batteries in a 24volt set, maximising charging capability within minimal chargin times, and more importantly are in-balance.

All of our chargers come with a 24 month warranty guarantee, and are fully backed up by our service and repair offering. 

24 Volt

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Ctek MXTS 70/50
£1,020.00 £850.00
Midtronics CXPRO 50/2 Charger
£1,054.80 £879.00
Best Seller
Ctek MXTS 40
£516.00 £430.00
Ctek MXT 4.0
£211.00 £175.83
CTEK i2420 Charger
£456.00 £380.00
CTEK I2440 Charger
£840.00 £700.00
Ctek MXT14
Ctek MXT14


£234.00 £195.00

7 Items

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Full ongoing service and maintenance is available through our service centre for all Rotronics customers, in addition to the standard 2 years warranty.

For battery charger accessories, please click here, where you will find a range of extension reels and storage trollies to support every workshop environment.

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