We offer professional car battery tester and car battery charger products, combined with unique expert advice – everything for your car battery management requirements. With over 15 years of expertise, and partnerships with brands like Midtronics and CTEK, we aim to provide the best quality car battery charger and tester range for your workshop.

Our range includes car battery diagnostic testers and chargers. This allows you to further support your customers by providing a high-quality maintenance service, whilst developing an additional form of income through increased testing and charging.

By measuring the reliability and health of a battery regularly, you can advise when a car battery needs charging, or battery replacements are needed, helping to build your trust and relationship with your customers.

Take a look at our car battery testers, chargers and analyzers below.

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Testing Equipment

Modern cars consist of a variety of components, such as electric windows, power steering, lights, windscreen wipers, and defrosters. These all require power to operate, resulting in various battery usage needs. To ensure a car’s battery is capable of efficiently operating these components, whilst allowing the engine start, it is important battery tests are carried out as regularly as every oil change.

Battery types also vary between car manufacturers and types, including but not limited to, Enhanced Flooded (EFB), Flooded, and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. These types of battery may operate differently whilst in use. Regular testing using accurate and reliable equipment is the only way to ensure minimal disruption to vehicle use. We recommend our best-selling products, the Midtronics CPX900 or MDX655P (start/stop), both excellent car battery tester analyzers. 

Charging Equipment

It’s advised to maintain a car’s battery with a charging device, especially if the vehicle is experiencing downtime. If a battery test has been conducted and identified an unbalanced reading, charging will allow rebalancing to occur. If a car battery is not in balance, power capabilities will not operate at maximum efficiency, causing battery defects and eventually requiring early replacement.

Charging a battery slowly increases its ability to hold a charge for a longer period. To ensure effective performance with charging, we recommend the Midtronics DCA8000 or the CTEK PRO25SE as the ideal car battery charger selection.

ROBIS Compatibility

Selected car battery testers, such as the EXP1000 or CPX900, are fully compatible with our web-based reporting portal, ROBIS. This allows workshops to track the frequency of tests that are being conducted, whilst identifying defects that may be rectified under warranty.

Combining a professional car battery tester and charger with ROBIS will add value to workshop services. The ability to maintain a customer’s battery will reflect positively upon company reputation, whilst producing an additional revenue stream.

Our products are always paired with our technicians’ expert knowledge, to ensure efficient battery anaylzer management programmes that maximise return on investment.

Battery Testing

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