Calibration and Verification

Why do testers need calibration?

We strongly advise that you have an annual calibration carried out on your Midtronics battery tester, to ensure the readings given are within the tolerance levels required and working to its optimum performance.

When the unit arrives here with us, there will be a visual inspection taken out on all components including the internal and external cable sets which can have a large effect on the readings obtained. This is a general health check on the unit to check for any faults.

The tester will then go through a series of tests that will measure the unit’s internal components, along with the conductance and resistance ability of the tester. The results from the conductance and resistance tests will be incorporated along with the reference results, into the Midtronics diagnostic protocol programme. The outcome of which, will give a conclusive decision on whether the battery tester is within the tolerance levels required. Midtronics battery testers have three calibration points that also require examination as part of the procedure.

Upon passing calibration the unit will be issued with a calibration dated label and certificate, which will highlight the tolerance levels and tests carried out during the process. If the unit fails to meet the tolerance requirements it will fail the calibration, a repair procedure will be carried out to determine reasons for failure. In these cases, additional charges may be incurred to rectify the faults. At this point, you will be contacted with a quote to authorise the repairs.

We recommend you get your tester calibrated yearly to keep it in its optimal condition and working up to its full capacity.

What does a calibration do?

Your tester will be put through the Midtronics calibration box, which checks the high and low voltage range, Checks the CCA band, the PCB (Circuit board). To check whether the components on the circuit board are all testing within the correct tolerance levels.

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