Powervamp Repairs

As the UK supplier for Powervamp power packs, we work closely in partnership with them to support customers with any repairs needed.

If you have a faulty Powervamp unit, do not leave it neglected in your workshop, let us get your power pack repaired and fully functioning again for you.

New Powervamp products all come with a 12 month warranty. If you are submitting a Powervamp product for repairs under warranty, please fill out the form below, and send a copy to us along with your Powervamp product.

Upon receiving your unit we will carry out and a fault finding inspection, and depending on whether or not the unit is still within the warranty period we’ll either contact you with details of a quote for the cost of repair, or update you if your unit is under warranty and can be repaired free of charge.

Service Centre Terms and Conditions


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Renew Your ROBIS Subscription

Based on the length of contract, your ROBIS subscription will need renewing either annually, bi-annually or every three years. If you have a rolling monthly contract, your subscription will be renew automatically.

To find your subscription renewal date, log in to the ROBIS portal and navigate to the dashboard.

Should you need to pay for your subscription renewal with a purchaser order number, please call 01453 840 401.