Celebrating with CTEK

We are proud to be CTEK’s UK partner and delighted to celebrate their 25-year anniversary.  We have been working with the CTEK team for 15 of those 25 years of battery charging product innovation.

CTEK, a global company based in Sweden, gave the world the first ever electronic pulse technology to power smart battery chargers and, in 25 years, has developed a series of products for their motoring, business, transportation and property-owning customers.  The current focus to add to their portfolio is a strong entry into the world of Electrical Vehicle charging.

Ken Clark says: “Our partnership with CTEK is a special one as they have a fundamental devotion to quality, in terms of products, their people, their R&D and their desire to give the ‘best in class’ charging options for their customers.

Mark Poole, CTEK’s UK Sales Manager (Aftermarket), says: “We are pleased to have partnered with Rotronics in the UK for the last 15 years.  Like us, the Rotronics team understands the science behind batteries. We have both carved a name in the industry for being bold gamechangers.”

The CTEK hall of fame includes:

  • Electronic pulse technology to power smart battery chargers
  • Mains-free, portable charging
  • ‘No buttons’ adaptive charging
  • Revolutionary Adaptive Boost Technology
  • Flexible, safe, robust EV chargers
  • Solutions for load balancing
  • Scheduled charging and app control
  • Next generation, multi-functional accessories

To find out more about CTEK products available via the Rotronics expert UK team, have a look at https://www.rotronicsbms.com/products.html