Rotronics Sponsored Racer Lewis Clark, takes the Champions Cup!

Rotronics Sponsored Lewis Clark has won the Champions Cup after a tight race at Brands Hatch in Kent.

About Lewis Clark

Lewis has been competing in multiple races, resulting in him taking the top spot at last years Hot Hatch Series in Castle Coombe. After being victorious in the Hot Hatch Series, Lewis shifted his focus to taking the Champions Cup.

What is the Champions Cup?

Unlike the Hot Hatch Series, where you can drive any hatchback car, the Champions Cup requires everyone to drive the same car. Every driver drove a Ford Focus Zetec S 2.0L. This means it is purely down to the driver’s skill to take the cup.

The Qualifying

It’s a big advantage to start off the race sitting on the start line. Lewis managed to finish qualifying in 2nd place, putting him in 2nd place on the grid for the start of Race 1.

Saturday - Race 1

Lewis had a great start to race 1, in part thanks to the great qualifying result. Unfortunately, due to a red flag on the first lap, the race had to be reset. Everyone lined up on the grid again. After a tough challenge from his competitors, Lewis dropped from 2nd to 3rd. The race was full of close passes and after a challenging race, Lewis finished with a 3rd place trophy!

Saturday - Race 2

Every race the grid reverses. This meant Lewis was starting race 2 in 4th position on the starting line. Despite being a bit further back on the starting line, Lewis has an amazing start quickly taking 3rd place. After a tight race, Lewis managed to finish in second place.

Sunday, will Lewis take the Championship?

On Sunday the pressure was on. Can Lewis earn enough points to win the Champions Cup?

Sunday – Race 1

For race 1 Lewis was determined to take the trophy. He started the race in 3rd position. After the tough fight for the top spot the day before, the pressure was on. Lewis had a challenging race however, he was able to battle through and win!

Sunday – Race 2

For the races before, the weather held off and Lewis was racing on a dry track. However, for his second race on Sunday, he wasn’t so lucky. Due to the grid reversing, Lewis started out in 6th place on the grid and on a damp track. Not the most ideal conditions. This track is very unforgiving as it doesn’t have many places to overtake. One wrong move could mean Lewis would be going into the gravel, ending his race short. Even with the extra challenges, Lewis had some great overtakes on the track and managed to push through all the way to third place!

The Focus Cup Champion!

Through Lewis’ amazing racing he managed to gain a lead of 50 points! This led to Lewis winning the Champions Cup.

Well done to Lewis. We are very proud to support him and watch him succeed race after race. We wish him all the best in the 2024 season!