CTEK Expands Professional Product Range to Meet Workshop Power Demands

Introducing the PRO120 - a 12V, 120A Battery Charger and Power Supply

CTEK, the leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries has expanded its PRO range of products by launching the PRO120.

The PRO120 is a 12V, 120A battery charger and power supply, designed to meet the most extreme power demands in any workshop. With advanced design, technology and superior features, it’s the ultimate choice for comprehensive professional battery charging, care and support in today’s advanced diagnostic workshop.

The PRO120 is the most powerful battery charger and power supply unit CTEK has ever launched, making it the perfect solution to support even the most demanding diagnostic or software flashing work, procedures that require the vehicle’s ignition to be switched on for long periods of time.

Providing up to 120A of clean and constant current, the PRO120 has a variable yet extremely stable output, offering total flexibility for the user with between 12.6V and 14.8V available, selectable in 0.1V increments. Due to its inherently low voltage ripple, low current ripple and a range of integrated safety features, the PRO120 is safe for the battery and the vehicle’s delicate electronic systems.

Peter White, Professional Business Unit Manager at CTEK said “We are delighted with the latest edition to our PRO range of battery management tools, which continue to meet and exceed the power demands of the modern workshop. As vehicle technology changes, we listen to the views of our customers and continue to develop our product range to meet their needs - particularly recognising the importance of supporting the battery during diagnostic and flash programming work, and protecting against battery Page 2 of 3 failure. It is not uncommon for us to be asked for 100+A of battery support and so this exciting new product will support even the most complex and power consuming diagnostic and flash programming procedures.”

The PRO120 restores, charges & reconditions the battery using a patented multi-step charging process. It’s compatible with all types of 12V battery, including lithium (LiFePO4). The PRO120’s unique patent applied for Adaptive Charging mode automatically recognises the size of the battery and selects the optimum charging settings for the fastest charge - making operation quicker and easier than ever.

The PRO120 is designed to be user friendly, it has a simple user interface with just four buttons and a clear LCD display. Its innovative design allows for convection cooling through a central cooling core, which eliminates the need for cooling fans and improves operating efficiency and reliability. Unique ‘Resonant Converter’ transformer technology delivers high levels of current with high efficiency and stability even at high ambient temperatures.

The PRO120 is designed for use in the toughest workshop environment and is built to last. It is supplied with 5m cables and heavy-duty clamps, and its rugged impactresistant polycarbonate casing incorporates a folding carrying handle, making it highly portable. Peter White continued “the PRO60 product, launched just 12 months ago, has proved to us just how much the modern workshop values safe, flexible and powerful battery charging and power supply, and the PRO120 represents the next logical step to meet the highest power needs”

For more information about the PRO120 visit www.ctek.com