ROBIS - Winner of the Professional Motor Mechanic Award

We’re absolutely delighted that ROBIS has won the 2019 Professional Motor Mechanic Award, in which the magazine recognises the products and services that have made waves in the automotive garage industry throughout the year.

PMM magazine is read every month by nearly 70,000 independent garage technicians and is the leading trade publication for motor industry workshop servicing and repair professionals.

Why We Won

Dan Aron, Editor of PMM said about Rotronics’ 2019 Award win:  "Rotronics has developed a management portal named ROBIS, which helps independent workshops drive a more cohesive and proactive approach to battery sales and maintenance opportunities.

“Linking this with Midtronics’ CPX900 battery diagnostic testing platform, the comprehensive management reporting system provides instant visibility of how, through proactive testing, all vehicles entering the garage can increase battery sales and customer satisfaction. Linking this to regional and national statistics, workshops can compare how their performance measures up against the industry, and more importantly, ensure all staff are on-board with the programme."

What is ROBIS?

ROBIS has wireless connectivity for retail and commercial vehicle workshops, which provides live battery performance data with instant visible results.  Each customer has a personalised ROBIS dashboard, and test results cannot be falsified in any way.

There’s no wait time to receive battery data and our team of ROBIS experts can instantly detect faulty equipment or incorrect use of the testing technology in any workshop or retail testing environment.

The Benefits of ROBIS

In the event of a vehicle battery defect, the wireless ROBIS portal can determine whether there was any unactioned work that should have been carried out and was missed or, in the case of independent garages, what sales opportunity exits.

Workshop management teams have an under-the-microscope analysis of their teams’ activities and battery management practices and will know how many tests are being carried out by technicians and sales staff daily, aiding workshop compliance.

Warranty claims processes can be instantly submitted, as they happen, without the usual laborious paperwork.  All warranty claims previously rested on a printer report from the hand-held battery tester – this can now all be done online.

Customer Testimonial

“We see that ROBIS is an essential tool in supporting our workshop battery maintenance and charging practices, within our planned maintenance procedures. The portal gives us visibility of what our workshops are doing and how this affects the reliability of our fleet.”

Steve Morris, Technical Engineering Manager, Stagecoach Group

For more information about ROBIS and how it could help you, please click here or get in touch with our team today.