Rotronics are the experts in Battery Management and Maintenance, so why not learn from the experts? Rotronics offer battery training programmes that ensure both your vehicles and customers are kept on the move.

Each of our battery training programmes revolve around your business. Firstly, we get to know the needs of your business, understanding all aspects of battery care and maintenance from start to finish. This means that the modules in the programme are created and designed around your workshop needs and requirements. We like to think we work in partnership with you, collectively reviewing progress and offering tips and advice on ensuring the business achieves maximum return on investment.

Our programmes are based around five key areas:

  1. Goods Inwards – we measure the quality and condition of current batteries, and where necessary update stock.
  2. Vehicle Maintenance – this can range from taking simple measures, such as checking batteries are fully charged and “in Balance” (24v sets), to performing slightly more complicated “Electrical System” tests.
  3. Auditability – helping you to understand test results and knowing what actions are necessary.
  4. Warranty Control – enabling you to test new vehicles received into the business and the management of warranty claims.
  5. Increase Customer Service & Sales Opportunities – showing you how to offer battery and electrical system testing as part of a customer service programme.

Our programmes are delivered on site and aim to engage all staff members. This helps us to deliver a programme that has a lasting impact on your business, creating best practices that work alongside and complement existing workshop processes, maximising efficiencies and service opportunities.

We can show you how to reduce cost, increase profit and increase vehicle reliability, so contact us on 0121 526 8185 or email [email protected].