CX Pro 50/2 Charger

Midtronics CXPRO 50/2 Charger

Sectors: 12V, 24V

The chargeXpress50/2 delivers twin output 50amp balanced charging and supply mode features, for any 12v and 24v application. Its unique characteristic efficient balanced charging of both batteries in a 24v set, with no need to disconnect the brace.

Suitable for Battery Types (User selectable, for optimal charging):

  • Flooded
  • AGM
  • GEL

Charging Output:

  • 50Amps Single Channel
  • 25Amps x 2 dual channel

Power Supply Mode:

  • 50Amp Power supply

Cable Length:

  • 2 x 5mtr (15ft) detachable heavy duty cables


  • 300mm x 165mm x 100mm

Midtronics ChargeXpress Pro 50/2 intelligent charge mode combines charge acceptance with battery conditioning, for optimal and safe charging. With its unique twin output, delivers fast controlled and balanced to both 12v batteries in the set, or alternatively can be used on two separate 12v vehicles at the same time.

  • Simple one button operation
  • Spark and reverse polarity protection
  • 50Amp power supply, for diagnostic programming
  • Single or twin output modes
  • Individual selectable charge routines for Flooded, AGM and GEL batteries (Delivering optimum efficient charging)


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