Service and Repair


We offer a comprehensive repair service which supports all Midtronics and Professional (7 amps & above) CTEK diagnostic testing platforms and chargers. Any consumer CTEK products (below 7amps) or any Model not on our website will need to be Directed to Saxon – 01488 689 400

If your tester or charger is showing any sign of fault or malfunction, don’t throw it away! We can help to provide a full repair, with warranty if product is still in the warranty period.


Booking a Repair

Call us on 0121 514 0605 to discuss any issues you have, or check our Q&A by clicking here. We would be happy to receive your faulty battery management equipment for a repair. Avoid buying new technology unnecessarily – submit a service and repair form here.

Book a repair


How it Works

We can break down the components and provide a quote for repair, with full warranty provided. We have the ability to turn this around within 24-hours, so you won’t be without your tester or charger for long periods of time.

We offer a full test and service offer for any Midtronics or CTEK Professional Range battery management technology.


Calibration Service

With many manufacturers insisting that testers be calibrated annually to conform with audit procedures, we offer a full tester calibration service for all testers. We strongly advise our customers have their testers calibrated and verified each year. This establishes the accuracy and performance of your tester and ensures that you are maximising sales opportunities, warranty claims and audit conformance.

If you use an Exide battery tester, our expert team can also help with the annual calibration of this technology.


Complete the calibration and verification form