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  • Description

    Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System. Advanced diagnostic charging system featuring breakthrough core technology.

  • Features

    • Diagnoses most batteries in 2 minutes or less
    • Charges as fast as possible through continuous battery monitoring
    • Delivers the most accurate battery diagnostic technology
    • Detects battery failures due to advanced vehicle electronics
    • Supports automated over-the-air software updates and data analytics
    • Enhances productivity via intuitive touchscreen user interface
    • Dynamic Charge Acceptance Ergonomic shape, size and grip is easy to carry and hold
    • Optimized Charging
    • Improved Charge Time Calculation
    • Up to 300A Load
    • Dual Temperature Sensors
    • Cold Battery Charging
    • Field-replaceable Cables
    • Corded and Wireless Barcode Scanner Options for VIN Capture
  • Specification


    • Automotive
    • Power Sport
    • Marine

    Supported Battery Types

    6v and 12v

    • 12v and 24 charging systems
    • Flooded Lead acid
    • AGM, Spiral & Gel
    • Enhanced Flooded battery (EFB)

    Battery Ratings

    • CCA
    • CA
    • MCA
    • JIS
    • DIN
    • SAE
    • IEC
    • EN
    • EN2

    Diagnostic Technology

    • Dynamic Charge Acceptance
    • Conductance Profiling
    • Enhanced Battery Temperature
    • Cold Battery Diagnostic Charging

    Power Requirements

    • 120v DC Power

    Charging Parameters

    • Input voltage – 100-240 VAC, 0-60 Hz, 12A max
    • Output – 15 VDC: 70A m
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For power sport, automotive and marine applications. 

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For power sport, automotive and marine applications. 

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