£100,000 Warranty Claim – ROBIS to The Rescue

The Challenge

To have a warranty claim for more than £100,000 and not have any evidence to back up your claim, is worse than frustrating. ROBIS can help you here by providing data that will allow you to address the problems by presenting facts.

Ken Clark, Managing Director of Rotronics, has been working with a Commercial workshop, with over 800 vehicles in a southern region. They were receiving £100,000 warranty claims for one region alone each year.

The Commercial workshop had 12 months of outstanding warranty claims that were being rejected by the battery supplier, with claims getting nowhere because they had no real data on which to base their claim. The battery supplier was adamant that the batteries were not failing and that the workshop was negligent and not managing their batteries.

The Solution

We uploaded the data for all the regions, for over 100,000 test results, to analyse the warranty claims onto ROBIS. ROBIS is an online dashboard and reporting system that collects battery data from national/regional workshop sources and presents it in filterable reports so that battery data can be read and analysed quickly and simply.

Ken and the team sampled the warranty claims against the testing and maintenance that could be evidenced in ROBIS, to show that battery management and maintenance had been carried out well. We also saw evidence in ROBIS that there were instances where no maintenance had been performed on a battery, which helped the management team determine how the workshop needed to make internal improvements.

Ken Clark, Managing Director at Rotronics, says: “We made full use of ROBIS by displaying real-time data for immediate result visibility.” Rotronics has been able to mediate between the battery supplier and the regional depot, to understand what a valid claim is.

The Outcome

The customer ultimately received a credit of more than £100,000, and we are still collaborating closely with them on that process to enhance their future battery management procedures.