4.6 million test results uploaded to ROBIS, and we’re just getting started

Commercial and fleet vehicles are starting first time and reaching their destinations on time, with the support of ROBIS and the fantastic efforts of workshop technicians and managers.

What is ROBIS?

ROBIS is our web-based dashboard and reporting system, acting as your cheapest workshop supervisor ever, working in partnership with workshop technicians and managers to optimise battery performance.

Without ROBIS, workshops have limited battery management visibility, which ultimately means more battery defects are missed. 

Supply chain disruptions are causing logistical strains for commercial and fleet workshops, and the last thing a workshop needs on top of this is for a vehicle to breakdown due to an avoidable battery defect.

4,6 Million Tests

4.6 million individual battery tests have now been uploaded by technicians and managers to our web-based battery management dashboard, ROBIS. Commercial and fleet workshops are proactively testing and reporting on batteries in the workshop, to identify any defects before they become non-starts or breakdowns.

ROBIS has collected these test results over a range of sectors including commercial, fleet, independent workshops, emergency services, and public service vehicles, over a period of almost three years, having launched in February 2019.  

How Do These Tests Help?

Out of the 4.6 million recorded battery test results, 28% of batteries required charging, 27% required replacements, and 1% were faulty batteries.

Recharge and replacement results save workshops money, making sure batteries are only replaced when absolutely necessary. Faulty battery results also allow workshops to successfully complete more warranty claims, reducing unnecessary battery spend. The cost of a new battery is on average £100 per unit, creating a saving of £131 million in unnecessary battery expenditure through ROBIS.

Battery test results also reduce battery-related roadside defects by highlighting positive actions that are required. In the long run, more deliveries and services will arrive on time, improving relationships and reputations. Emergency vehicles also start first time and get to where they need to be on time, allowing health professionals to save lives.

According to the RAC, there are over 39 million vehicles in the UK and without regular battery test reporting, a battery’s serviceable life is reduced by up to 50%. This means without a proactive battery management programme supported by ROBIS, at least 34.5 million vehicles are still at risk of premature battery failure and roadside non-starts. Long term, this means less vehicles reaching their destination, and lower operational efficiencies for commercial and fleet workshops.

We constantly review ROBIS to improve and develop the platform, to support the battery management objectives of workshops. ROBIS is one of the best tools a workshop manager will ever have at their disposal.

If you’re interested in learning more about ROBIS, click here, or call 0121 514 0605.