The introduction of a CTEK battery support unit has enabled Autoglass® technicians to calibrate vehicle camera systems, after a windscreen replacement, without flattening the battery.

AUTOGLASS® IS THE UK’S LEADING vehicle glass repair and Replacement Company, serving more than 1 million motorists each year. Autoglass® delivers their repair and replacement services through 1,200 mobile technicians visiting homes, places of work, or wherever customers are located.

The introduction of vehicle technologies such as ADAS systems including front windscreen-mounted cameras for lane departure warning and rain/light sensors were proving a challenge to Autoglass®. Not only in terms of the increased time taken to replace windscreens but also, in most cases, the requirement to calibrate the vehicle after the replacement glass had been fitted – something that needs to be undertaken with the ignition on but the engine not running, placing massive strain on the vehicle battery.

The material costs of batteries and the manufacturer requirement to reduce vehicle weight’ means that in many cases the reserve capacity of the battery is not sufficient to support the vehicle electronic systems during calibration, this is a potential issue on the vehicle. Maintaining battery support during the calibration process is critical to avoid unnecessary down time, lost vehicle data or even damage to sensitive electronics.

Autoglass® were looking for a solution to ensure that this situation didn’t happen. They wanted to ensure that their technicians could undertake windscreen replacement in the quickest possible time and avoid issues such as a flat battery or more importantly the loss of settings and configurations. In other words they wanted to maximise their efficiency and ensure a positive experience for the customer.

“Following even relatively simple procedures including wheel alignment/geometry checks and windscreen replacement, the sensors and cameras required by these systems have to be calibrated and adjusted – this has to be undertaken with the ignition on and engine off, placing great strain on the vehicle battery.” David Glidden Technical & Product Support Manager, Autoglass®


It was clear that Autoglass® needed to use a battery support unit that could work in conjunction with their diagnostic equipment, the Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) mega macs 42SE and CSC Tool (Camera System Calibration Tool). HGS recommended the use of the CTEK MXS 25 Battery support unit. It provides a stable voltage and up to 25amps of fully regulated power to prevent loss of charge, disruption to the calibration process and ultimately damage to the vehicle or the battery.

This intelligent battery support unit and intelligent charger is easy to use – simply connect the unit to the battery terminals, select SUPPLY mode and the MXS 25 will start to provide power to the battery. It will deliver a ‘clean’ safe constant power supply, protecting ECU settings. Intended for unsupervised use, the MXS 25 is simple to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected to protect the user, the battery and associated sensitive electronic systems. To ensure that the process was adopted and supported by Autoglass® technicians, HGS delivered hands-on training to staff on how to use the calibration and battery support equipment and the benefits of doing so to both them and the customer.


The introduction of the MXS 25 battery support unit as standard van equipment will realise many benefits for Autoglass®:

  • Increased job efficiency – technicians will be able to undertake windscreen replacement in the shortest possible time without disruption to the calibration process
  • Reduction in the number of batteries going flat – batteries are perfectly supported during the calibration process
  • Reduction in the number of vehicle system issues soon after windscreen replacement – protecting Autoglass® reputation and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Trained and informed staff


“We were really impressed with the approach taken to training and implementation of these new pieces of equipment into our own processes. The training delivered to our staff was invaluable and ensured that our technicians were confident in using the equipment from day one.” David Glidden Technical & Product Support Manager, Autoglass®

“The introduction of the CTEK MXS 25 battery support unit has increased our efficiency; we are getting the job completed in the shortest possible time ensuring a satisfied customer!” David Glidden Technical & Product Support Manager, Autoglass®