National Online Automotive Company

A New Partnership

We are delighted to have formed a new partnership with a leading national online automotive company allowing customers to purchase or finance reconditioned cars online for delivery or collection, at one of their 16 customer collection sites. Services and MOTs are also available at customer sites, to maintain vehicles after purchase.  

Our customer is committed to completing a 300-point inspection when preparing a car for delivery or collection, along with a service and MOT if required. They also offer a seven-day money-back guarantee, with a 90-day warranty. It is important that the vehicles are working in all aspects, to maintain quality customer service. It is especially important to ensure vehicle batteries are functioning correctly, as they can cause non-starts soon after a car is delivered or collected, if not maintained.

Our customer is a fast-growing, successful, and expanding network of automotive sales, with customer service and loyalty at the forefront. Consistent battery maintenance is key to ensuring customer service is maintained throughout expansion, as more and more vehicles are sold, stored, and maintained. 

How We Supported our Customer

At the start of 2021, we were contacted by our customer to implement a proactive battery maintenance programme for their fast-moving stock of vehicles. Previously, they manually tested vehicle batteries, using a limited supply of Midtronics testers. They were looking to expand their testing and charging capabilities, to maintain their growing vehicle stock.

Our team visited an import centre to identify their specific battery management requirements, whilst adhering to COVID-19 safety regulations. Requirements were identified through analysing existing battery data using our unmatched industry expertise.

We worked with the Production Director and workshop technicians, to identify what specialist equipment would be suitable for their workshop. Identifying a bespoke battery management programme was completed within two weeks, to allow for minimal disruption to operations. To support customer service, the overall battery solution turnaround was four weeks. 

Our solution identified the need for battery maintenance solutions throughout pre-delivery inspections (PDIs), vehicle storage maintenance, and ongoing customer services.

Our Recommended Solution

  • 29 Midtronics CPX900 battery testers (with ROBIS/ printer compatibility), to identify batteries in need of a charge or replacement, using conductance profiling technology.
  • 22 CTEK MXS25 EC battery chargers, for charging vehicle batteries identified as discharged. 6-metre heavy-duty cable included for workshop manoeuvrability.
  • Connection to our industry-first web-based reporting portal, ROBIS, to maintain remote battery test data visibility.
  • Ongoing virtual product training to support technicians with using equipment.

Our customer stocks a range of vehicles, including Audi, BMW, and Ford. Battery maintenance requirements vary throughout vehicle types and makes. Some vehicles have AGM batteries, whereas others have EFB, meaning that different test settings are imperative in preventing misdiagnosis. We provided the CPX900 to ensure all battery types are effectively and accurately diagnosed. The CPX900 is also an easy-to-use platform, to ensure technicians can utilise the product with minimal training requirements.

We look forward to supporting our partnership with onsite training as required, automated live battery data through their personalised ROBIS platform, and a transport vehicle onboard charging project.

Rotronics has operated as a battery management solution specialist for over 14 years. We produce bespoke, cost-effective, and reliable battery testing and charging programmes, to ensure workshops keep vehicle batteries working in top condition for as long as possible. Our solutions allow workshops to create comprehensive customer experiences, increasing retention, reputation, and customer service. Our programmes are bespoke and are built for long-term operations, to increase battery data visibility and performance for years to come.

We remain involved with training opportunities and software updates long after a product has been delivered, to maintain an efficient battery management partnership with our customers.

For more information, call 0121 514 0605.