New ROBIS Feature Announced, ROBIS Battery Diagnostic Report

Our battery management expert Ken Clark took the stage at Mechanex 2023 to talk about how vital the 12v battery is to not only ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles but also new EV vehicles. Here at Rotronics, we are always thinking about how we can make battery management as simple and easy to understand as possible. This is why ROBIS was created, to achieve this aim.


What Can ROBIS do?

ROBIS is already an industry leading technology when it comes to battery management, with its host of features from warranty management to easy-to-read filtrable results that can be accessed anywhere. Since its launch in 2019, ROBIS has recorded over five million test results and saved customers thousands of pounds in battery replacements by promoting and providing active battery management solutions. Norfolk County Council alone saw a 95% reduction in vehicle non-starts after adopting ROBIS, which demonstrates ROBIS’s value, especially to fleet operators. Find out more about Norfolk County Council’s success here!


Combining that with the ability to proactively detect vehicle and battery performance issues early, ROBIS maximizes your battery management programmes visibility and effectiveness.


What is next for ROBIS?

We have been working hard on the next major ROBIS feature by looking at how ROBIS has been used so far and where we can add extra functionality. A particular aspect we identified was the need for everyone in the process from technician to vehicle owner to be able to easily understand the condition or state of heath (SOH) of the battery.


Introducing the ROBIS Battery Diagnostic Report, a clear and easy to understand report so anyone can quickly determine a battery’s health. We have developed the easiest way to show battery test results to your customers. Gone are the days of handing over a small, difficult to read printout, that is hard to understand.


How does it work? The technicians will conduct a battery test like usual (using your compatible Midtronics tester) and record the registration number of the vehicle. Once the test has been completed the test results will be automatically transferred to the ROBIS portal. You can then access the report and print or send it to the customer via email. ROBIS will present a clear and easy to understand report based on the test results, using a traffic light system to make interpreting the results simple.