ROBIS Integration with the AA - The UKs Largest Automotive Roadside Breakdown Service Provider

Rotronics has been working with the UK's largest automotive roadside breakdown service provider, the AA. We were tasked to provide a bespoke battery management solution using our industry-first web-based dashboard and reporting system, ROBIS and the Midtronics EXP2020AA testing platform.

Reducing Break Down Time at the Roadside

These products are part of the AA’s continued goal to utilise the most up to date software and equipment for roadside assistance services, to aid with the detection of battery defects whilst reducing customer’s time spent broken down at the roadside.

Our partnership in developing the ROBIS portal for their use is giving the AA visibility of all battery testing activity carried out at the roadside, building greater compliance and auditability of their 2000 roadside technicians. This is important as it allows patrol team managers to implement battery testing process improvements by remotely reviewing the frequency and outcome of tests carried out.

In addition, the portal will give the AA a remote means of viewing and analysing group and national statistics, and battery trends supporting its 14 million customers. ROBIS’s remote connection allows team managers and technical teams to view battery health data across the country.

Battery-Related Issues One of the Main Causes of Breakdowns

With battery-related problems remaining in the top five reasons for roadside breakdowns, this will be a significant tool in enabling the AA to better predict trends and fault analysis and help reduce battery-related problems at the roadside.

With the battery health data provided by ROBIS, the AA will have the understanding necessary to educate technicians and customers about future breakdown prevention techniques. It will also identify whether any additional battery management equipment is needed to avoid future defects.

This is especially important as lockdown restrictions are lifting, and more people will begin to use their vehicles for non-essential journeys across the UK. The purpose of providing a personalised ROBIS platform for our customers is to provide battery health data visibility. This allows management teams to remotely view the frequency and quality of battery tests carried out by diagnostic specialists.

Personalised System

The bespoke ROBIS platform assists with a personalised reporting system. The ROBIS AA dashboard can be altered to include personalised reporting elements as required. 

ROBIS highlights the importance of battery maintenance, aiding in the reduction of vehicle defects and future battery replacement costs. This will benefit the AA and their customers, by allowing technicians to quickly identify and solve roadside battery issues the first time, with accurate battery health information. Service quality for customers will be improved, alongside reputations and productivity for AA technicians.  

Compatible Products

For compatibility with our personalised ROBIS platform, an automotive company must be provided with compatible battery testers such as the Midtronics EXP range. These quality battery testers will provide excellent health data, which can be remotely uploaded to the ROBIS system, for full visibility.

Keith Miller, AA Head of Technical, adds, “ROBIS has unlocked access to over 1.2M battery tests, providing transparency and remote access to test data in an instant. The ROBIS dashboard has increased our return on investment of battery testing equipment”.

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