ROBIS – Supporting Your Warranty Claim

The Problem to Solve

The Rotronics team was asked to solve a problem for a customer in the north of England who was experiencing significant issues with a warranty claim relating to a Hybrid passenger vehicle. The EV battery pack (which contained a 24v lead acid pack) had failed, although the workshop team had an excellent battery management programme for the 24v battery in place.

The battery pack had been well looked after throughout its life and had been tested and charged at every opportunity, therefore the failure was unexpected. The battery manufacturer was not receptive to the claim and wanted to blame the customer for the failure.

The Solution

Ken Clark, Managing Director at Rotronics, says: “Our customer was already using ROBIS, which is our industry-first online reporting system that gathers battery test and charge data, giving us an excellent and accurate view of the health of any battery in any workshop in any part of the country.  By looking at the ROBIS data for this vehicle’s 24v battery, we could clearly see the evidence that the battery had been very well maintained by the customer.

“The data showed the dates, times, and results of when the battery had been tested and charged, demonstrating that the workshop team had carried out their battery management processes at regular service inspection intervals.“ This was great news for our customer as they could now provide solid evidence to the battery manufacturer and factual proof using ROBIS that the 24v set had not contributed to the defects in the EV pack.

The Outcome

We were delighted that our customer was given a free set of replacement batteries, which was worth a total of £30,000, all thanks to ROBIS. Because of this excellent outcome and saving considerable funds, our customer has decided to invest in more diagnostic chargers to increase their diagnostic capability.