Vertu Mercedes

Long-term Collaboration

We have had a long-standing relationship with Vertu Mercedes, since 2011, and two dealerships, in Slough and Ascot, approached the Rotronics team to help with their showroom charging requirements, to provide a reliable power supply for all their demonstration vehicles. The Ascot Showroom is newly opened, and we were delighted to be able to extend our technology supply to them. We have previously provided the EXP717 dedicated Mercedes tester to the Vertu Group along with service and repair support across all other technology.

What Problem Did We Solve?

The two Heads of Business, Adam Rich in Ascot and Raj Virdee in Slough, wanted to look at a variety of charging options and needed a solution as soon as possible before opening time for the showroom. We listened to their requirements, which were quite specific because of the vehicles being demonstrated:

  • The leads need to be detachable, so that could feed through the vehicle
  • Leads going over the vehicle would look messy and unsightly
  • The height from wheelbase to chassis was only two inches, so the length of the lead is important to be tucked away under as they don’t want it displayed
  • To ensure there is no health hazard of someone tripping over the lead, the product must fit under the vehicle
  • Easy to use and adjust

What Solution Did We Provide?

We had to make sure that our solution was suitable for all demonstrator vehicles in the showroom and with the AMG low-profile vehicles, the MXTS40 charger proved to be ideal. The new showroom in Ascot took eleven chargers and the Slough showroom needed nine chargers, to top up their existing range of test and charge showroom technology.

It is ideal because it delivers 40amps in power supply, it is 12v and 24v, although our customer only needs the 12v for the showroom, it is useful for the workshop to have this additional capability.

The MXTS40 has:

  • a detachable cable
  • 2 metre lead length
  • slim in design
  • easy to use
  • the ability to change the voltage and current required to support the supply settings.

Features and Benefits of the MXTS40

  • 40A/12v and 20A/24v output
  • Electronically safe multi step rapid charging
  • Selectable constant voltage power supply to ECUs
  • Temperature compensation and battery reconditioning functions
  • Heavy duty detachable charge cables and clamps
  • 8 step, fully automatic charging cycle with adjustable parameters
  • Test all types of 12/24V lead-acid batteries, including AGM
  • OLED display, providing clear charge parameters, voltage, current, and amp readings.
  • For reconditioning discharged batteries, the device has a Recond setting.
  • To continue usage during various weather conditions, a temperature sensor is included.